invest in the life and ministries of central and help change the world

   Giving is a big part of who we are as Believers. We give out of obedience to the Lord Jesus (Matt. 23:23), we give to invest in eternal things (Luke 12:33), and we give to receive the Lord's blessings (Philippians 4:18-19).  Giving helps us show our appreciation to the Father for all He has done for us. It demonstrates our gratefulness for that which He has delivered us from. And it's a tangible form of worship.

   When we first begin to give systematically, it helps us live a disciplined financial life. Some frivolous purchases may need to be delayed or forsaken altogether. Kingdom priorities have to replace material ones. And as we grow in our giving, we learn faith! And we watch, often amazed, as the Spirit blesses us with the capacity to give more than we ever dreamed. Yet He always makes sure we are provided for in our daily needs.

   On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate world evangelism by receiving a special offering in addition to our weekly tithes. And it has become our custom in that service for Pastor to speak a powerful blessing over our tithing for the month. Testimonies of the Lord's hand and favor on this have thrilled and encouraged us for many months now. Bring your tithe next time and experience firsthand the Blessing On The Tither!

ways you can Give



An easy way that you can give is in person during any of our weekly services. Just place your offering in either of the wooden boxes located at the rear of the sanctuary!


You can easily give to Central online through Pushpay. Just click the button below to process your gift quickly and easily! 



Download the Central Cumberland app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for another easy way to give and stay up to date!