about us

We exist to help students grow in their relationship with God. We desire for them to go deeper whether they already have an existing relationship, or they have never started experienced a relationship with Jesus. We accomplish this through our Wednesday night services, Sunday JV Services, and Varsity Discipleship, Fine Arts groups and a focus on Missions.  All of our Youth services are a safe place.  Our Sunday morning Connections class gives students an open forum style teaching which allows for questions and answers that allow them to better understand God and who He is. Varsity Sunday evenings is a communal, laid-back style discipleship to allow the older students to be led in learning how to lead and take ownership of their relationship with Jesus. Fine Arts gives students the opportunity to grow in their relationship by developing their talents to be used for God's glory.  Finally, missions trips and group outings will be used to create relationships with other students that will help to spur them on in their relationship with Jesus. We believe in the next generation; they are the church of tomorrow.  

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Every Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm in the Prayer Room. Our Wednesday Night services provide a quality opportunity to worship God and hear a message that will help lead students to Him. Geared for ages 12-17, this is the crux of the entire ministry coming together uniting in one cause worshiping and honoring God. 

Teen study group

JV Service

Revolution provides a service just for those between the ages of 11-15. This service brings the word of God and worship service on their level. It meets in the Upper Room (Youth Facility) on @ 10:30 AM during our Sunday Morning Worship Experience.  Our JV Service is a Sunday morning experience that puts a message on their level inspiring students to want to come together on a Sunday. Through this service, we want to instill a desire in students to not forsake the assembling of themselves with other believers who follow Jesus. Instead, we do our best to facilitate an experience that encourages students to want to come to church on a Sunday