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About Us

We aspire to touch the whole world from just our corner of the world. The Lord, by His miraculous power, established this church family over 100 years ago as witness of His love to the nations. We exist to inspire His people to follow Him completely, crucify the flesh entirely and pursue eternal life joyfully. 

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Our Story

 Central was forged in a city-wide prayer meeting in 1914, was officially recognized on May 31, 1915, and legally incorporated in 1917. Our first “global-harvest” missionaries were commissioned in 1922, when Pastor Edgar and Virginia Barrick and their two children were sent out to India. From that day until this, sharing the Gospel with the hurting, the hopeless, the least, and the lost both here in the Tri-state region and throughout the world has been our DNA. 

We have done this from three wonderful locations over the decades before landing to our current campus on Bedford Street. Over the decades we've continued to send missionaries of our own and support those sent from around the world and grow our local ministries to share the Good News. Hundreds of children have rode our buses or attended our school and have sent our teams to build churches, clinics and hope. 

Our story is not over yet, and we hope that we can be a part of yours and rejoice in the Gospel together

Our Beliefs and Values

  • The Lordship of Jesus Christ 

  • We Honor the Word of God

  • The Holy Spirit is the Difference 

  • We Expect the Return of the Lord Jesus 

  • We Cherish Church

Meet The Team

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